Ralph Suikat

Founder, owner and CEO

Dr. Johannes Knorz


Peter Brock

Investment Director

Florian Schildge

Legal Advisor

Antonia Uhlig

Research associate

Jasmin Voll

Management assistant


The values that define us are anchored in our name „4L Vision“ – LIVE, LOVE, LEARN, LEAVE A LEGACY. So what would we like to leave behind for future generations?

Stephen Covey, 1932–2012, American author and university lecturer, described the four basic human needs with “four L’s”. The answers to his fundamental questions have the power  to bring direction and meaning to our lives and to our business activities.


What do you really need in order to live? What does living mean for you? How many material things do you need to make you happy?


What social environments do you require in order to feel at ease? What framework conditions would you like to establish for others? How would you like to shape your relationships with other people?


What would you like to learn next? Which problem would you like to help solve?

Leave a legacy

What would you like to leave behind for future generations?


What we stand for

„Putting my money where my meaning is, makes me live who I am.“

Tim Noortman


Our goal is to both preserve and to build on our capital as a way of achieving an impact and making the world a better place.

We are committed to sustainable business practices and to outcome-oriented impact investing. The impact projects we select all contribute towards resolving a fundamental ecological or social problem.

We commit to using everything at our disposal and at all levels to make impact investing successful and a mainstream concept.  Impact investing will move beyond its niche existence when impact  portfolios  become financially interesting to investors. Therefore, good financial returns are of key importance. In this way, impact investing can deliver the greatest possible effect – for the benefit of everyone and to contribute to the preservation of our natural and basic needs. In this way impact investing promotes a fairer society and healthier environment.


We achieve social and ecological impact in various investment classes.

Private Equity

Stakes in companies, funds

Public Equity

Listed shares

Fixed Income

Bonds and loans

Real Assets

Real estate

Commodity Investments

Raw materials

Liquidity Portfolio


External Asset Management

External wealth management


What we do

The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest market opportunities.

Peter Diamandis, GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network)

Impact investing: an investment strategy

The term “impact investing” describes the strategy of investing effectively, measurably and demonstrably in ecological or social projects, while at the same time achieving an attractive and at least “standard market” return.

Impact investing makes the difference

*stipulation not to violate certain ecological, social and corporate standards (negative catalogue) or to explicitly pursue positive criteria (positive catalogue).

The key strength of impact investing over all other alternative investment strategies lies in its focus on securing a standard market financial return. Only impact investing allows ecological or social investments to be made genuinely profitable and thereby sustainable.

Project Investments

Pupils learn music both digitally and by playing

Electric scooters with removable battery for charging

Construction companies and green energy suppliers

A business ecosystem all about sustainability

Climate action: a drink tap water campaign

Expertise in the modern credit industry

First phase of start-up support

Stabilising the impact of start-ups

Corporate network for start-ups

Data ecosystem with personal data account

Investors for tech company founders

Personalised medicine and cancer research

Sustainable concepts for the food industry

Social impact company builder

Knowledge transfer in and around the concept of shaping the future

Leading European company for purely plant-based products

Boutique retreat centre for mindfulness, yoga and joi-de-vivre

Hub for Circular Economy

Online Video Training for Wealth Organisation


We work together on rethinking economic concepts and on social, societal and ecological change in our society.

Bundesinitiative Impact Investing e.V., Berlin

bwcon, Baden-Württemberg

Cyberforum e.V., Karlsruhe

Fair Finance Institute, Heidelberg

PHINEO gemeinnützige AG, Berlin

SEND e.V., Berlin

TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH, Karlsruhe

TONIIC Institute, San Francisco